Vast Volumes of Vegan Vebsites

In June this year I, a certified lover of all animal products, am going to attempt to be vegan for a month. To see if I can. You can read about that revelation here.

In preparation for this idiocy, I’ve started doing a bit of research. I don’t want to start the month, and then cast around for something to eat and find suddenly that everything I love is gone for a month. That way madness lies.

So I’ve started to look around for places that sell vegan food, and websites that provide vegan recipes. And I’ve found some. I’ve found a lot.

First of all, Bristol looks like it will be a great place to find tasty, interesting vegan food.

I just want to pause for a moment and reiterate the fact that I just used the phrase “tasty, interesting vegan food” completely unironically with no intent to laugh at it. Good god, I haven’t even begun and I’m already changing. WHO AM I BECOMING?

Anyway. Eating out won’t be a problem. But bank balances being what they are, I can’t eat out all the time. Though goodness knows I try sometimes.

So, I’ve found a host of vegan advice sites, with recipes as well. And a book which I will almost certainly buy that seems to outline a full week’s worth of vegan food for a single person, including shopping lists and everything. It’s basically everything I need. But for completion, I’ll list what I’ve found so far below.


Vegan Cooking for One, Leah Leneman – Book available on Amazon

Vegan Bristol – website outlining everywhere to go in Bristol for vegan food – website with a full month’s worth of emails including daily recipes, advice, etc.

Vegan Recipe Club – website with advice on budget eating amongst other things

Frugal – website with inexpensive recipes, all of which are vegan

A Girl Called Jack – fantastic looking website with micro budget recipes, all of which are vegan

Frugal Feeding – local Bristol blog with inexpensive recipes, easily categorised by season, type, or whether they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.

Vedged Out – more vegan recipes!


I’ll keep adding more as and when I find them. If you have any more suggestions of websites to visit, let me know over on Twitter.


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